"To Reach Development of the Mind through the Discipline of the Body"

The primary goal of Shaolin martial arts is to develop the mind of the practitioner through the physical training and discipline of the body.

Shaolin Lohan Pai Kung Fu is a traditional northern Chinese Kung Fu system based on the famous five animal empty-hand styles (Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon), as well as 30 classical weapons. For more information on the Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu system please see the "Art" section, or speak with one of the instructors of the school.

Modern training in traditional martial arts teaches one that the tools needed to be successful are often the same, no matter the endeavor. This realization can be a strong tool in every aspect of a person's life. Success comes to those who will it and work towards it. Everyone has the potential to do whatever he or she wants. Those who combine this potential with the will to overcome adversity will succeed in their endeavors.

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What does each animal teach us?

Tiger"Strength, Tenacity and Fearlessness."
Crane"Poise, Balance and Grace."
Leopard"Speed and Power."
Snake"Suppleness, Deception and Rhythmic Endurance."
Dragon"To ride the winds (Achieve the impossible)."

Why choose the Shaolin Lohan Pai?

The unity of Body, Mind and Spirit is the focus of this system. This particular school of thought encourages growth through challenge and self-discipline. Those who find their place within the Art have a tendency to allow the system to enhance their entire lives!

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